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OrderLFN Starting Page

later on March 17, 2005

I've decided that I'm no longer selling LFN DVD's
Since S3 of LFN is coming out right away and S2 has actually come I've decided to call it a wrap and clean up my LFN DVD copying business. Thanks for visiting - keep enjoying that LFN - now go and get the official release!!

March 17, 2005

S2 is released and S3 announced!
Yesterday, S2 was finally released after a really long time of waiting and to sweeten the deal, WB announced that they're releasing S3 in June!! With their announcement comes mine that I will no longer be selling S3 of LFN and I also want to encourage you to purchase S2 if you haven't already! Looks like we're finally getting the official release that we wanted - Yahoo!!

January 5, 2005

Still Running!
Many people ask me if I'm still up and running so I thought I'd leave a post just to let you know that I am. Happy New Year!

June 12, 2004

OrderLFN at Tripod back up
For some reason Tripod took down my page a little while ago and I had to battle with them to get it back up and here it is, back up - sorry for the interruption. Suffice to say, I'm still open!

May 28, 2004

S2 of LFN no longer offered at orderlfn
S2 has recently been made for sale at many different places (like amazon) so it will no longer be sold here at orderlfn. Support LFN and buy this official release!


February 20, 2004

Back Up!
I received my new DVD's and they make everything work great! So I'm back up and taking orders, the copies are back to 100%!!


February 5, 2004

Down for a few days
I am presently not taking orders because I am unable to make copies of my discs due to the blank discs that I have purchased being crappy. I've since purchased a pile of better blanks and should be up and selling again in a few days once they arrive. Thanks for your patience and understanding...

Wednesday July 9th, 2003

S1 of LFN no longer offered at orderlfn
S1 has recently been made for sale at many different places (like amazon) so it will no longer be sold here at orderlfn. I got it myself today and it's really awesome - support Nikita and purchase the first season - there's commentary on a few episodes and a ten minute featurette included - the quality of the episodes is also quite good. Give it a go!

Thursday June 19th, 2003

TLC2 VHS gone - no more VHS on this site at all!!
Today my source set of TLC2 tapes went out so I no longer am selling TLC2 VHS, or any VHS for that matter! Feel free to look around for your dvd needs...

Tuesday May 13th, 2003

LFN VHS gone
Today my source set of LFN tapes went out so I no longer am selling LFN VHS - there is still one VHS tape of TLC2 to sell and after that a lot of DVD's - feel free to look around for your dvd needs...

Saturday April 26th, 2003

Phasing out VHS
Hey LFN fans, I'm in the process of phasing out my VHS sales on this webpage, so as of right now, I only have one full set (my master set) of LFN VHS tapes for sale and after those are gone I will no longer be selling LFN (or TLC) on VHS. SO the first person to order them gets my last set. As an incentive, I've discounted them to $67 US + shipping (down from $92 US + shipping) to sweeten the deal. The same deal appies to my TLC2 VHS tape - it's going for $7 US + shipping (as opposed to $15 US before). Thanks for looking!

Thursday April 3rd, 2003

TLC2 up!
TLC2 is up for sale now! All six parts have aired and the series is available on both VHS and DVD - check out the Last Chapter page for more information and click on ORDER HERE to order...

Thursday March 27th, 2003

TLC2 up in 1 week
CBC, in their infinite wisdom decided to re-air the TLC2 ep that I had missed last week because of the war coverage so by next Wednesday TLC2 should be complete on both DVD and VHS and will probably be up for sale on Thursday. Check back then for pricing...

Wednesday March 26th, 2003

TLC1 no longer for sale here
I recently found out that is selling the Last Chapter series with Roy Dupuis so I will no longer be selling it. Please see my Last Chapter page for links to the series at Also, due to war coverage by the CBC I missed the last 10 minutes of TLC2 in part 3. I don't think that it will be airing again so I don't know if I'll be selling the series now - I'll see...

Thursday March 6th, 2003

TLC2 has begun
For those that are interested I've begun taping TLC2 co-starring Roy Dupuis onto DVD and should be finished taping it when it finishes airing in 4 weeks providing that I don't mess them up. Check back on April 3rd for more information on that...

Sunday Feb 16th, 2003

New Feeback Forum
I've added a new forum so that customers can communicate with each other about such things as the product quality and support to be expected from OrderLFN. Feel free to visit it at

Saturday Feb 1st, 2003

DVD taping is TOTALLY complete!
Yesterday I finally finished taping the last episode of S3 that I was missing - I now have all 5 seasons of LFN on DVD and I'm ready to take your order!

Monday Jan 6th, 2003!

DVD taping worked over Christmas!
Hi all, I'm back from a wonderful Christmas vacation back at home and the LFN episodes that I was taping onto my computer actually worked perfectly - no power outages at all!! So pending the last 4 episodes that I need of S3 I should be done in 4 weeks (early Feb). Then all 5 seasons of LFN will be available on DVD, Alright!!

Monday Dec 9th, 2002

Christmas break
Just to let you know that I will be taking a Christmas break from my LFN related activities starting in a little bit (probably by the 18th of Dec) and will be returning in early January. I probably won't be respnding to emails or processing orders during that time. Thanks for your patience and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! For those interested in when S3 is coming out - I'm still on track to get it done by early February as long as I don't mess anything up...

Sunday Nov 10th, 2002

S5 DVD's up for sale!
S5 is now for sale! If you want to try out the DVD's this is probably the best place to start. I am now only waiting to get S3 which will still be a few months.

Friday Nov 8th, 2002

S4 DVD's up for sale!
S4 is now for sale! S5 should be up tomorrow or Sunday and S3 is still a ways off...

Tuesday, Nov 5th, 2002

S1 DVD's up for sale!
S1 is now up for sale! S4 and S5 should also be done this week - S3 will be awhile yet...

Thursday, Oct 24th, 2002

S2 DVD's up for sale!
I'm pleased to let you know that the second season of LFN is now up for sale! S2 has been completed and is now ready to be copied and sold off! I am still hoping to finish S1 on the 5th of Nov, S5 on the 9th of Nov and S4 on the 14th of Nov - S3 is still a ??

Wednesday, Oct 16th, 2002

DVD Price Decrease... Again!
I've been evaluating the price that I need to charge for the DVD's and found that I am able to decrease the price even further! Currently they are $4 US per episode when buying complete seasons! For my progress, I'm still on track to complete S2 on Oct 24th, S1 on Nov 5th, S5 on Nov 9th and S4 on Nov 14. S3 will probably be completed sometime next year (maybe January?). So until all of the complete seasons are finished feel free to get a head start and order a season at a time at the new low low price...

Wednesday, Oct 9th, 2002

Half way done the DVD's
Yesterday, I burned off my 24th successful DVD of LFN putting me exactly half way done my DVD project! Barring any unsuccessful taping I should be done S2 on Oct 24th, S1 on November 5th and S5 on November 9th. I'll only be 1 episode shy on S4 and I don't know when that one is going to come on satellite again so S4 is a ?. S3 is coming slowly (1 ep per week) and at that pace it'll be a few more months.

Friday, Sept 20th, 2002

DVD Price Decrease!
I was a little bothered that I couldn't find DVD's at what I considered to be a reasonable price in any of the stores so I scoured the net and was able to find a pack at a substantial savings and I'm able to pass these savings on to you! Check out the DVD section for new pricing information - I'll think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

I've also been recording the episodes like crazy and have finished making about 14 or so episodes. Once I get a complete season I will start putting them up for sale - hopefully that's in about 1 month or less (sorry to keep you waiting :( ) For those of you who are getting the VHS, I will be using these DVD's as my new source for the tapes so the tapes are going to be constantly improving...

Tuesday, Aug 27th, 2002

Shipping Fee Changes
To prepare for the selling of DVD's I have changed some of the fees around a bit. I have decreased the price of shipping to in order to make it fair for those buying smaller packages (DVD's). Most of the prices will, in effect, remain the same...

Monday, Aug 26th, 2002

** LFN DVD's **
I decided to finally take matters in to my own hands and have begun to make some LFN DVD's!! I am recording them directly from my satellite to my computer and then on to DVD so the quality is pretty awesome. I made my first one this weekend and it turned out as good as I hoped. I am sure that the fans will be as pleased with them as I am. I imagine that I will have S1 and S5 up within 1 month and will be selling more as they air on TV. I look forward to hearing your input and feedback...

Friday, July 26th, 2002

I'm back and open for business - talk to you soon!

Thursday, July 18th, 2002

I'm going on vacation next week so I will not be responding to your emails if you send me any. Feel free to still send emails but I will only reply to them on around the 28th of July...

Tuesday, June 10th, 2002

After getting lots of questions about quality I decided to just get screen shots of the episodes so you can see exactly what video quality you will be getting. This has been done for S1, S4 and S5 so click the link under the quality section to see what the episodes will look like.

Wednesday, June 5th, 2002

I've finally obtained better copies of the seasons that have been causing some problems among my previous customers. As of now, S1, S4, and S5 have been completely remade and have a more consistent and better quality. See inside for more details...

Wednesday, May 29th, 2002

Still waiting for good copies of S1 to come - hopefully soon!

I was running some stats on the number of emails I have sent out regarding LFN questions, etc since I started and the number is 1020 emails! I was surprised that I have sent that many emails out. I've also shipped tapes to over 120 people now so the list just keeps on growing...

Wednesday, May 15th, 2002

Partially Back Up
I've received a lot of questions about taping and so forth in the last few days so I decided to put my webpage back up to answer the basic questions. As you will see I am still not taking orders for the whole series but I am accepting orders for any episodes outside of S1.

I expect to be back up and ready with the complete set in about 4 weeks. I have replaced S4 and S5 with completely new copies and I am waiting for my new copy of S1 before selling the whole set again at which time I will be very confident that the complete set I am selling is worth what you pay.

Thursday, May 2nd, 2002

I have stopped taking orders for awhile. I have had a few customer complaints about the quality of the tapes and am therefore going to stop taking new orders until I find a way to deliver better tapes. For those who have ordered, I will finish every order that has been made until now. I will also post a note here when I am up and ready to sell again (if that happens...) Thanks for your business so far and I hope to be back up soon!

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002

Well, I'm back from a wonderful Easter holiday and the taping continues - thanks for all of the orders!

Thursday, March 28th, 2002

Orders have continued to come in so please expect to wait about 5 weeks for you order to get shipped out after paying. Also please note that I am not going to be responding to any emails during Easter so I hope you all have a good long weekend - till Tuesday then!

March 17th, 2002

For the Roy Dupuis lovers out there I have completed taping the Canadian mini series, "The Last Chapter" co-starring one Roy Dupuis. I am now selling commercial-free copies of the series so please check inside if you are interested in price and other TLC related information.

February 26th, 2002

The orders continue to pile in and I am now behind by 5 weeks so if you order be prepared to wait a little while for your tapes! In a desperate attempt to get a grip on the number of orders I have received and will continue to receive I have decided to increase the prices :( Please see the pricing section to get the new prices for the tapes - shipping charges are still the same. With the price increase, the tapes are still a great bargain at 85¢ US per episode (when ordering all the episodes).

Also, I changed around the structure of my site a little bit so if you made bookmarks on any of the following pages they will have gotten messed up and will need to be changed, sorry for the inconvenience.

February 23rd, 2002

Due to a very high ordering volume over the last month I did finally purchase a new taping VCR but I am so far behind that I would expect orders to take at least 4 weeks. Sorry for the very long wait but ARRGH I can't make my VCR's go any faster! Thanks so much for ordering!

February 21st, 2002

The automation process for ordering with paypal has been a huge success! I have had many people order using this wonderful error free service - thanks for using it! On a related note: Due to recent swells in orders I have had the need to get a second taping VCR so I am going shopping this evening for one, then hopefully I can get caught up with some orders. Thanks so much for ordering and for making orderlfn a success!

January 24th, 2002

I have made a few changes to the ordering process to make payments for the tapes automatic using paypal. In order to do this I had to solidify a few things into American dollars instead of Canadaian dollars which I have done. So now all of the prices on the website will be in American dollars, this change is due largely to the fact that the very large majority of people who order are from outside of Canada and therefore need to pay in American dollars. The prices inside have not changed much, they have just been converted to American - so depending on the exchange rate the prices may have even gone down. Please see inside for more details and now visit the ordering page to place and pay for your order immediately!

January 21st, 2002

Since I started making LFN for fellow fans, about half a year ago, I have completed over 60 successful orders! Out of all my customers I am not aware of any that are not completely satisfied with the service they received. For those that are interested; so far, I have completed orders to Canada, USA, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Australia, Argentina, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Tokyo, Singapore, South Korea, Yugoslavia, Brazil, New Zealand, Portugal and Latvia. So if you decide to order, it is my first intention to add you to my satisfied customers list!

January 4th, 2002

I'm back and starting to catch up with my emails... I hope you all had a great Christmas season and are enjoying a Happy New Year!

December 7th, 2001

IMPORTANT NOTICE - I will be taking a Christmas vacation from December 19th till the 3rd of January so I will not be answering any LFN based emails at this time. My time until I leave is booked up with orders that are already paid for so I will not be able to complete any additional orders until sometime into January - please bear with me until the New Year.

November 19th, 2001

Today I added a wonderful ordering page to make ordering much simpler! I hope you enjoy it (and use it)!

November 6th, 2001

The Save LFN Campaign (with your help) has finally succeeded and WB will be making LFN DVD's!! They are expected to be arriving by September 2002 and will be distributed by the wonderful people at Columbia House. So if you can't wait until then to get DVD's you can order VHS copies from me - but once they come out I will no longer be offering my services. Thanks for all of your interest and I can hardly wait to get them on DVD!

October 25th, 2001

My VCR's have been going now for more than three months! Funny because my oldest one finally broke down so I had to buy a new one which means a little bit better quality for you! This month has also seen me undergo a new site change to because I misused my last site - oops. Good thing I keep a backup of the site so I just had to upload it to the new address!

Also, now for the first time since I started the page I am actually caught up with my orders! So if you want to order and not have to wait - now is a great time. Thanks for visiting!

September 24th, 2001

Today is the two month anniversary of this webpage being up! Amazing to think that my VCR's haven't stopped playing and taping in two months. I now have 3 feedbacks posted in the feedback section - check them out. And for those who are interested I have added a page about me!